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mazu and the mSeries system provide sailors, cruisers, and fisherman an easy and affordable way to stay connected via satellite wherever they go. mazu is an iPad app that acts as the user interface and provides a dashboard to access a host of vital functions. Once the mSeries system is installed and activated users simply launch a browser on any device on board and connect wirelessly to the system. This provides satellite connectivity to both PC's and Macs, Android devices, all types of phones, basically any device with a browser can provide satellite connectivity.
The mazu iPad app provides additional functionality including the Navionics integration, and can also be used off the boat where other internet sources are available. While any device can be used on board, mazu for iPad, maximizes features and minimizes costs because there are no connection charges for satellite airtime when using the app on shore.

Global Coverage keeps sailors connected using the Iridium global satellite network no matter where they cruise. The mSeries SOS system is monitored by search and rescue emergency responders 24/7 365 days per year providing offshore safety and security.

Weather forecasts can be downloaded including 7-day GRIB and point forecasts, live buoy data, and zone weather forecasts. NEXRAD imagery, weather alerts, and tropical storm advisories can be accessed from NOAA where available.

Email and SMS texts can be sent and received anywhere in the world and position reports can be set up to send automatically.

Navigation Functions allow users to create, edit, import, and export routes, convert tracks to routes, and access real-time and NMEA navigation information. mazu for iPad now allows access to Navionics and NOAA charts in app.

Boat Monitoring and Control can be set up using the optional Sentry system. Sentry allows boaters to monitor and control functions on board via satellite anywhere in the world.

Easy Do-It-Yourself installation means mazu’s mSeries system can be fitted on any type of boat. The mazu iPad app and browser-based user interface make using the system simple.